Altivo Instant Calm Ultra Complex

Altivo Instant Calm Ultra Complex
Item# altivo-instant-calm-ultra-complex

Product Description

SKIN TYPES/CONDITIONS: Reddened, Tingling or Stinging, Waxed or Tweezed, Chronically-Sensitive, Acne-Prone, Exposed to Tobacco Smoke or UV Light, Itchy, Irritated by Nonpoisonous Insect Bites, Barrier-Damaged, Post-Peeled, Post-Laser/ Microdermabrasion, Sunburned, Rosacea-Prone

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: White Tea Sea Whip Kola Matte and Guarana Extracts Algae Extract Glycerin

Relieves signs of tingling, stinging, and other discomforts on contact, as well as visibly reduces signs of redness within minutes. Helps control signs of irritation caused by AHAs, Vitamin C, or Microdermabrasion. Calms skin after waxing, tweezing, or sunburn. Reduces the risk of peeling and/or roughness after sunburn. When worn daily, calms sensitive skin and helps control the underlying cause of aging.

HOME CARE: Gently apply 1 to 3 pumps over sensitive areas. Whenever possible, apply to clean skin. Wear alone or under moisturizer.