Altivo Lipremodeling Treatment

Altivo Lipremodeling Treatment
Item# altivo-lipremodeling-treatment

Product Description

• Volumizes thinning lips in days to weeks • Visibly reduces “feathering” and fine lines around the mouth • Improves the “pout” of lip contours and receding lip lines • Rehydrates and restores comfort to dry lips • Smoothes away rough, surface damage

Lip ReModeling Treatment is designed to bring back the beautiful lips of younger days–smooth and moist with high definition and volume. This amazing treatment creme also makes an excellent base for lipstick, lip liner and gloss. Lip color stays put while “feathering” is a thing of the past. Used often throughout the day and right before bed, it helps return youthful contours for a perfect pout – and something to smile about.

Home Care | Generously apply AM/PM to lips and area just outside natural lip line. For faster results, use a minimum of four times a day. To ensure ultra-smooth lips, use Crystal Clarity Microdermabrasion Creme (2-3) times a week to smooth dry areas of the lips