Altivo Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshner

Altivo Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshner
Item# altivo-radiance-boost-exfoliating-freshner

Product Description

• Reveals fresh, radiant skin • Minimizes pores • Smoothes surface texture • Brightens and clarifies • Hydrates instantly • Eliminates shine and ashiness For any skin needing light exfoliation, this mild exfoliating freshener can be used twice daily to brighten, revive radiance and minimize pores. A blend of the exfoliating BHA, Betaine Salicylate , naturally exfoliating Lemon and Passionflower extracts and the next generation of AHA’s - the patented 1 AHAminoPlex TM molecule - work together to minimize pores and other visible imperfections, lift unwanted pigment and provide a silky texture to skin within days. Ashiness disappears in seconds, hydration improves instantly. Ultra-soothing extracts of Sea Whip and Chinese Licorice minimize the risk of redness, tingling and other feelings of discomfort often experienced with chemical exfoliants. As unwanted surface cells are lifted, skin becomes more receptive to serums and moisturizers, delivering maximum results.

Home Care After cleansing, apply freshener liberally with moist cotton.